Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Observations from the move

  • My knives are still missing. (Isn't my sister great?) So is my big plastic mixing bowl lid.
  • Either my sister or brother is a kicka$s glass-wrapper.
  • I have enough pain relievers and pantry food for an army.
  • I need to meet more people so I can use all my barware (shot glasses, cool martini glasses with stems that light up, champagne flutes, etc.) currently chilling behind our bar.
  • In a bizarre twist, my arch-nemesis alarm clock makes me feel at home in my new room.
  • Apparently I am trying to compensate for the lack of plants in my life by buying more frozen chopped spinach and bay leaves than this girl can handle.
Oh, and now remodeling (ok, cubicle rearranging) has commenced to facilitate my move back to my team's aisle. I knew it was going to happen sometime, but could I have at least a week of stability, oh Powers That Be?

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At 1:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well your knives are in your class baking dish- the one with the plastic lid and the blue carrying case thing- which is at the bottom of one of the boxes I believe. Better safe than sorry!


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