Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Holiday traditions (Blogcess 6)

1) Do you have one tradition that means the most to you when it comes to celebrating Christmas?

Every Christmas Eve my family goes to my grandmother's to have oyster stew. The thing I love most about our Christmas Eve celebrations is that it is all about family and love--we don't open any presents and all our stresses are pushed aside for the night. Enjoying my family in the light of a big Christmas tree with some quiet carols in the background is my favorite time of the year.

2) Since I’m on a movie kick today – - do you have a favorite holiday movie?

Holiday Inn. I love the romance in the movie, the songs, the whole thing. I've tortured my friends with that movie many times over the years. But seriously, if you enjoy black and white musicals or great dancing--check this one out.

Other favorites include: The Bishop's Wife (my mom's favorite), the original Miracle on 34th Street and A Muppet Christmas Carol (I love "When Love is Gone").

3) What’s your favorite holiday song?

Wow, this is tough. On the Carpenters' Christmas Collection, I love "Little Altar Boy", "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?", "I Heard the Bells", and "I'll Be Home for Christmas" to name a few. I also love "O Holy Night" because my brother recorded a version as a member of his high school choir. I love "Happy Holidays" from Holiday Inn, but my absolute favorite is "White Christmas" (also from that movie).

4) In sticking with traditions – - do you have a favorite holiday sweet? Meaning candy, cookie, cake, pie or whatever.

Friday morning after Thanksgiving--mincemeat pie with whipped cream and a little eggnog. Oh yeah.

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