Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. Today it sounds like there is someone in heels pacing around in the office above mine.
2. This would be strange because it is a male electrical engineer who has that office.
3. I keep two fleece jackets and a cardigan in my office because it is always cold.
4. I've taken to using one of the jackets as a lap blanket under my desk.
5. I decide which jacket to use that way by deciding which looks more like the pants I'm wearing.
6. I would love a space heater, but we aren't allowed to have them. One of the women I worked with at my first job had a space heater--walking into her workspace was like visiting the tropics.
7. I'm having lunch today with one of my high school classmates—the one who planned this summer's reunion--so I made sure to dress extra cute.
8. When I was at the reunion, one of our classmates commented to me that she thought I should plan the next one.
9. She seemed drunk, so I just laughed and agreed.
10. The purpose of today's lunch is to get the files and basically be transitioned so I can organize the next one.
11. I think I'm a little crazy to agree to take this on, but I think I could do just as good a job, if not better.
12. I do have one friend who has already agreed to help and we have plans in place to get more help.
13. My friend and I also have a secret weapon—her dad has been part of his reunion committee for years for his class from our high school!

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At 5:20 PM, Blogger bill said...

You're an engineeer, you're smart, and you care. Of course you can do it. And well, too.


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