Wednesday, July 28, 2004

14:59 and ticking...

This morning I had a sudden urge to check out my sorority homepage.

Sure enough--it was finally posted! What, you ask? A picture of me and two sorority sisters from a friend's wedding. The wedding was a super-fun reunion, thousands of miles from where we went to school--and even better because we are scattered across the country now.

A confession: I wasn't that into the whole sorority thing in college. It was one more thing that I did--I loved the idea of it, but I wasn't into the whole party scene and really wasn't that close to the other 120 women in my chapter. But now that I've become an alumna, I appreciate all of that so much more and I've become more involved than I ever was in college. This truly is membership for life.

Another confession: Every wedding should be as fun as hers. She did so much to ensure that being one of her bridesmaids was not a financial or emotional burden, but more importantly, her bridal party was awesome! Barely any of us had non-bridal party dates so this set up at least one hook-up (for which I continue to take partial credit, as I do for the wedding itself--see below), and lots of mischievous fun "decorating" the bridal suite. When the bride and groom arrived, I hope they enjoyed the toilet paper streamers, inappropriate shaving cream messages on all glass surfaces, and took some of the suggestions from our list of places to "do it." Perhaps fortunately they didn't take our suggestion to bring the list down to brunch with them the next morning with checkmarks showing locations completed.

It is amusing that my sorority and this wedding have developed this connection in my head because the bride and groom started dating after getting reacquainted with each other at one of my sorority formals where I took the bride as my "date". Now if the best man marries that bridesmaid, then I will single-handedly be responsible for marrying off both brothers. What a title!

Until then, I will enjoy bringing up that picture on my sorority homepage to enjoy my 15 minutes of fame...

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At 12:15 PM, Blogger Angie said...

P.S. The bride told me this weekend that the shaving cream messages dripped and became unreadable before they entered the suite. Just one more reason to attend weddings prepared with a marker to write on glass.


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