Friday, February 11, 2005

What women want

I was watching* the OC last night with my roommate and at one point Sandy asked his wife if it would be okay if he left for a few minutes before their Valentine's Day dinner to say goodbye to his old girlfriend. Her response: "If that's what you want to do."

Girls, you know what she was really saying. She was saying, "At your own peril," or maybe "Sure--it's your funeral." So I decided to decode for my roommate.

When Kirsten turned out to be mad at him for going (and totally standing her up for dinner b/c he was KISSING his ex), my roommate turns to me and goes, "Why do girls do that?"


"Say something they don't mean."

Um. Why do we do that?

*my roommate was watching it while I ate dinner

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At 3:25 PM, Anonymous Katie said...

Felt compelled to leave an answer to this one -- am shocked no one else did!

The reason we have encounters like the one described from the OC is due to a series of simple steps:

1. We know what we want.
2. We don't want to tell men what we want because we want them to just want the same thing without us having to tell them -- we want to have a total psychic connection with them so we know we are with the right person (Example: Scene in Sex and the City, Season 5 or 6 pt. 1, where Berger and Carrie are at home deciding which ice cream pops to eat, and she gives him a choice, and when he chooses one, she goes, "Oh my god, I wanted this [other] one, we're perfect!" Why give him a choice if there wasn't actually a choice? She knew which one she wanted! It's all about the psychic connection, real or imagined)
3. We also fear that if we tell men what we want, we will be seen as a bitch/bossy/etc
4. But mostly it's just we want them to want what we want without having to prompt them -- call it the "mind-reader conundrum"

To my credit, however, and unlike this particular episode of this ridiculous show, I have made my feelings about any and all dealings of my bf with his ex ABUNDANTLY clear.

p.s. I assure you that I am not a cyber-stalker... just a girl who enjoys a good blog and has a lot of time on her hands at a boring job.


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