Monday, July 23, 2007


We sat companionably in silence as we enjoyed our Sunday night ritual. You were reading in one armchair as I sat also reading in the other, just across the small end table from you. Slightly hunched over the book in my lap as I sat sideways in my chair, the wide neckline of my sweater gapped away from neck and back. You stretched an arm across the table, laying your fingers over the top of my shoulder and lightly rubbing your thumb in a circle against my spine.

I lowered my head a little further, trying to encourage you. If I were a cat I would’ve purred but with my roommates in the common room with us, I was too shy to tell you that I was enjoying it and I knew I would break the contact if I turned my head to smile at you.

After just a couple enjoyable minutes, you pulled your arm away and the silence between us continued--the one moment of bliss better for never being analyzed or discussed.



At 7:12 PM, Blogger bill said...

Part of the delight of being married to the person I'm married to is just such companionable silences.

Course, the touching's nice, too.


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