Monday, April 23, 2007

Wrong way

About a week ago I was walking to my office when I saw a car pull across the yellow line, not realizing that traffic there flowed in both directions. A car behind it started honking, staying back so he could wave the car back into the correct traffic lane. Thanks to quick action on the part of that driver, the incident was quickly resolved without any negative consequences.

This morning a car did the same thing, ending up facing opposing traffic to attempt a left hand turn. While the pedestrians all turned and stared at the car, none of the other cars on the road made any attempt to correct the situation. The driver facing opposing traffic was either oblivious to the stares of the surrounding pedestrians and cars facing him or so cool under pressure that he gave absolutely no indication he was in error. Thankfully the facing cars waited for him to complete his turn and traffic immediately returned to business as usual.

Like the driver this morning, I feel that I've committed myself to a path, at least for the next month or so. Unfortunately I can't see the yellow line from where I am, so I can only hope that a kind driver behind me will wave me over if I'm headed in the wrong direction.

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