Tuesday, October 19, 2004

First, last and now


  • First job: Besides babysitting, working at a movie theater my senior year of high school.

  • First screen name: Amh1mo--a combination of my college email and snail mail addresses.

  • First funeral: My Grandpa Joe's when I was 11. I was really upset that my brother and sister got to sit next to my other grandmother who was taking care of us and I didn't get to.

  • First pet: Baby--a hamster. I talked my parents into buying us 2 hamsters for a science project. Too bad hamsters turned out to be colorblind. :)

  • First piercing: Ears--first and only piercing site.

  • First tattoo: None yet. I would love an anchor, but I'm afraid of needles.

  • First credit card: Still have it.

  • First kiss: Beside that kiss in the backseat of my parents' van when I was 5? With Anthony (24) when I was 17, in the projection room of the theater on Christmas Eve 1996.

  • First enemy: Cory Tipton. She was really mean to me when were in second grade, but we ended up being friendly in middle school when she rejoined my Girl Scout troop.


  • Last car ride: To work this morning.

  • Last kiss: With T during his visit in June.

  • Last movie watched: Princess Diaries 2.

  • Last beverage drank: Water from my company Nalgene.

  • Last food consumed: Green apples and port wine cheese with a roast beef sandwich. Yum.

  • Last phone call: From a sorority sister to get recruitment results.

  • Last CD played: Carolyn Dawn Johnson - Room With A View.

  • Last website visited: my email.


  • Single or taken: single.

  • Gender: female.

  • Birthday: August 11.

  • Sign: Leo.

  • Siblings: 2 - Kim and Ryan.

  • Hair color: Dark brown.

  • Eye color: Hazel.

  • Shoe size: 9.5

  • Height: 5'6"

  • Wearing: black pants and a cardigan set.

  • Drinking: still water.

  • Thinking about: the utility service plan I'm supposed to be finishing.

  • Listening to: the sounds of typing and clicking.



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