Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Bad dreams

I had bad dreams last night. Every time I woke up this morning my mind was racing about sorority stuff--primarily focused on the fact that we are going to have to do COB.

Non-Greek translation: there are two numbers that matter to sorority chapters when they are recruiting: quota and total. Quota is the number of women that Panhellenic (the body that governs all national sororities) allows each chapter to take during recruitment ("rush"). Total is the largest number of total members every chapter can have. Every sorority chapter strives to recruit quota and be at total.

COB stands for continuous open bidding and it means recruiting new members outside of formal recruitment. Specifically in this case it means that once recruitment is done on Monday, they will have three additional events over the next two weeks that they will invite interested women to and try to convince them to join the chapter.

This chapter has done COB every semester for years so it is nothing new, but the difference this fall is that we were all assuming in our heads that quota would be large enough from formal recruitment that if we took quota the chapter would be at or above total--no COB actually necessary. Last night I found out that despite a record large class of freshmen, there are actually less women going through recruitment than last year. Maybe it is because of the alcohol-related deaths in Colorado which both took place at fraternity houses or maybe it is because this year their publicity for recruitment has been less involved and less successful. With the smaller number of women starting in recruitment, it is doubtful that quota will be big enough to put the chapter at total.

I really hate it when my stress invades my dreams too.



At 10:49 AM, Blogger Angie said...

Second semester of my freshman year of college, I was taking matrix algebra and introduction to computer programming in Java. Frequently throughout the semester I would find myself dreaming in Java and then I would wake up and think my alarm was a matrix to be solved. It was awful!


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