Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Here are the things I noticed at the five star, five diamond holiday party I attended last night:

Mmmm... shrimp cocktail.

Ice scuptures are cool. Hahaha.

Pastries are good. Little pastries are better. Chocolate shells filled with dark and rich chocolate ganache and topped with a small piece of fruit are best.

Where was the wine?

I need to go out more. Obviously men look better when they're wearing shirts and ties, but there were still some very nice-looking men there.

Old people are so cute when they stay on the dance floor for the modern, uptempo music. They're even cuter when they're slow dancing.

"Dancing queen, young and sweet..."

The macarena is not extinct. It has devolved into a holiday mix, sampling at least two Christmas carols and "Auld Lang Syne". Where are the good taste police when you need them?

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