Monday, December 06, 2004

T-27: Moving in

We started to move my stuff in when I took possession at the beginning of September. I’d been working for a couple of weeks when my family helped me move my college stuff into this apartment. It seemed so empty but we slowly filled it with furniture.

After that initial weekend of moving, I still didn’t have a bed or a few other essentials. So I was paying rent on my new apartment, visiting it after work everyday, and staying with my parents every night.

It became a joke at work: “Have you stayed in your apartment yet?”

What I remember most about that time is how the late afternoon fall sun streamed through the blinds, giving everything a golden look, while I unpacked boxes, covered shelves, and washed dishes.

Soon enough I had all the essentials, including my first “big girl” bed, and I spent that first night here. I don’t remember that first night, but I do remember those sunny afternoons as I adjusted to the idea of living by myself.

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