Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Loving Colorado winters

Tuesday afternoon I gazed out my office window, shocked at the huge snowflakes falling purposefully towards the parking lot - and my car - below. I then looked down at my shoes -- cute brown flats that I had thrown on over my bare feet that morning and hoped the flurry would be extraordinarily short-lived.

I left the office very late that night. I was glad that I had my long winter coat and scarf, but that didn't help the tops of my feet from getting chilled from the wind. As I got close to my car, the fluffy snow began to cling to my pants cuffs, brushing against my feet with every mincing step I took. I gratefully sank into my driver's seat, only then considering how the car was covered in nearly three inches of snow and I wouldn't be going anywhere until all the snow was brushed off, so I steeled my resolve and headed back into the night with one glove and my snow scraper, cursing the capricious nature of Colorado winters.



At 8:10 PM, Blogger Cerulean Bill said...

I'm sorry that I didn't see this sooner -- that's really great imagery, A. Very evocative.


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