Thursday, October 21, 2004

John Elway's politics

From Politics: "The Republicans pushed back a little more this morning, releasing a letter from 24 athletes who support the president. 'The same qualities that make a great athlete make a great president,' they say. 'The determination to do what's right, regardless of the latest polls, the personal strength to bear the weight of the nation on your shoulders, and the faith that a higher power will direct the actions of good people.'

Now, we're not sure what any of that has to be do with being a great athlete, although we'll certainly concede that David Ortiz -- or whatever his name is -- didn't look at 'the latest polls' before launching a two-run shot last night. But apparently, the Bush-Cheney campaign was able to get 24 athletes, including the likes of John Elway, Karl Malone and and Mary Lou Retton -- to agree to the letter's language. "

Poor John Elway. So disappointed to see him supporting the wrong candidate, but it isn't surprising considering how wealthy he is. Oh, and we live in Colorado. Darned Republicans!

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