Thursday, March 31, 2005

Trust issues?

Talking to my roommate on Sunday:
Roommate: "One day you're going to want to meet someone."
Me: "Well, I would like to now, but I don't know how to meet someone that I would trust."
Roommate: "So, you're just waiting for some guy to show up with 'boyfriend' tatooed on his forehead?"
Me: "Well, no, I don't think I'd trust him either."


At 3:36 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...


Hey, thanks for the link you emailed me. The funny thing about "Chad's" commentary? All those WV jokes/stories/myths he's referring to? You could substitute virtually any state in the union and they would still be as true. I've witnessed it personally. Maybe that's why I can (sort of) laugh at them. It also happens that I can recite EVERY SINGLE WV joke ever thought of in the history of the world.

In case you were curious. :-)

Thanks for the link! I've enjoyed his coverage and opinions.


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