Thursday, August 26, 2004

Cool New Resources for Women Voters

Smart Women Election Tour: "Welcome to, home of:
A nifty, new, nonpartisan election year initiative;
A grassroots small business/nonprofit partnership;
A virtual voter resource, tour headquarters & store;
A story of one woman electing to make a difference."

"Women's Voices. Women Vote is a project to determine how to increase the share of unmarried women in the electorate and develop a set of messages to motivate their participation. Historically, this group of citizens has been ignored by traditional voter registration and GOTV efforts. Yet, these women are deeply affected by the federal and state policies created by elected officials - it is in their interest to vote. This project is designed to change the culture of unmarried women when it comes to voting - to get them to associate the act of voting to the social frame within which they want to be seen."

Thanks to Kim and Jenny for the Smart Women link.
P.S. Click over to Kim's blog--she has a great pic posted right now. :)


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