Thursday, August 19, 2004

Letter from the top

Dear Working Girl,

You have been blessed today with a new and faster computer. Isn't it beautiful? Please don't get too excited about your new acquisition. The software packages we use don't take advantage of the best innovations your new machine has to offer. We paid $420 more for this machine now than we would've if we'd bought it in January--no upgraded monitor size for you. Not only does your new machine lack a sound card, but now your CD-ROM drive does not have a headphone jack so your effort to save your previous playlists from your old computer was futile and now you'll have to bring in that stereo to have music in your cubicle. Regards,

The Management

**Note: I do like my job, and my bosses, and my new pretty machine. But a whole day without music--will I make it?

Thanks to the man who sent my favorite computer accessory to me at my last job.



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