Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Five senses

In my CD player right now... Unleashed by Toby Keith. The chorus of "Losing My Touch" (song 6) uses all five senses (and the word "sense"), even if one of them is used in an unconventional way.

I've got good taste for blended whiskey
I can see my way around this bar
I can hear the sound of a vintage jukebox
And smell the smoke of a hand-rolled cigar
I can't read your mind
Baby, I can sense this much
When it comes to your love
I feel like I'm losing my touch

Every time I hear this song, I am impressed again at how he managed to weave them all into the song. And the sound... mellow but disappointed. The singer is disappointed in himself, but too depressed to get worked up about it. I wish I could express thoughts and feelings this eloquently.


At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I personally can't believe you're commenting on a song by Toby Keith? (Besides the fact he's a GOP troglodyte, he's also a 10-10-220 spokesman!) Was David Cassidy's disc left at home?




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