Monday, October 04, 2004

Counting thoughts

I'm sure you feel like I've been neglecting you, but I swear you've been on my mind. I have 8 draft blog entries in various states of construction, waiting for me to finish and post them. I've been attempting to focus at work and not write novels instead, and unfortunately I've been too tired or frustrated to finish them at home. Now I need to finish some work and head off to a sorority meeting, so it looks like you'll go one more day without a substantive post. Sorry.

P.S. I just finished Ten Big Ones by Janet Evanovich. Stephanie lives with Ranger. He's so hot! (And yes, I realize he's imaginary. Don't ruin this for me.) If you haven't read this series yet, shame on you!
P.P.S. ABC Family was running a Gilmore Girls marathon yesterday because they start showing Gilmore Girls every afternoon today! It is so funny and charming--I think we got my mom hooked. Tune in every afternoon or for new episodes on Tuesday nights on the WB. I'll be happy to fill you in on what you might've missed if you haven't been watching!



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