Friday, October 22, 2004

Learning a lesson

Sunday, a little over an hour before I was supposed to be at the sorority house to oversee the final day of recruitment parties, I received a phone call summoning me to the emergency room to be with my friend D whose arm had been broken in a soccer game. (D-Don't feel guilty. Keep reading.) I took ten minutes before I left to make phone calls--making arrangements and notifying people I wouldn't be at the parties. There was some additional coordinating I did from the hospital while D was getting x-rays. But in the end, I spent eight hours at the hospital--while D was asleep it was the most relaxing time I'd had in over a week--and the parties at the sorority went successfully without me.

It was actually an amazing object lesson for me that I could hand over the plans I'd made and supplies I'd gathered, and others could carry out those plans without me. I didn't have to be there to run things or to supervise. Maybe this is a good lesson for me that I can let go of the chapter a little bit and things will continue to run without me.

Last night I was reminded of this because I was attending a chapter leadership meeting and the president asked me to step out for a couple minutes while they discussed something. I have to admit it did give me a little pause--they were likely either discussing an "unofficial" social event they probably had earlier in the week or perhaps some recognition for the alumnae and advisers who helped with the recruitment process. These women are adults and I'm trying to trust them to do the right thing without me pushing every minute.


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