Sunday, February 27, 2005

Last night

I met three men yesterday.

I volunteered at an engineering event in the morning for the Girl Scouts. While there were Girl Scouts in attendence, it was mostly high school (male) competitors, and engineers who were there to run/attend the event. One of the men attending spent a great deal of time talking to me and filled out the scavenger hunt the Girl Scouts were using, going so far as to ask me to grade the results for him. I really enjoyed meeting him and I hope he'll call/email me.

Then, in the evening, I had a sorority event to chaperone. The other chaperone brought a co-worker of hers for me to meet/be set up with. After spending a long evening with him, he certainly seemed nice, but not really "my type". Plus, he has a kid. I've never dated anyone with a kid and don't have any interest in it, but I'm going to meet him for coffee just to see. He's obviously interested in me, which is flattering, but I can already feel myself pulling away from his attentions. But let's put those questions away for another day...

I dreamt that I woke up this morning with T in bed with me. He met my roommate, we went for brunch, and it appeared he was flirting with the waitress. She asked if he wanted her number and he said, "No, I'm with her (gesturing to me) for now." Even if my dreams I can't make our relationship last. But he took my arm and we walked away--and I woke up with a smile on my face.

Then he called tonight. It was good to hear his voice, but he is still happy with Kathy and I'm still jealous. I wish I could pinpoint why. But for now I'm just tired--and hoping for a deep and dreamless sleep.



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