Sunday, April 10, 2005

This weekend

Just some random notes from this weekend:
  • The weathermen were right. I may not have gotten a lot of snow accumulation, but watching the snow fly parallel to the ground past my bedroom windows convinced me that staying home today was my best plan. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to try to get to work in the morning--a snow day sounds nice!
  • My roommate wants to know what to call his weekend away from his 11-week "vacation".
  • Wow--I am so attracted to preppies. Patrick Demsey came on-screen in his new series Grey's Anatomy, the newest addition to my TV likes list, wearing corduroy pants and a sweater over a button-down shirt. The cuffs and collar were pulled out, which is already nice, but the real kicker was the little bit of the shirt tails that were pulled out. I'm speechless just thinking about it.
  • (Oh, and curse those network programmers--repeating the first couple episodes on Saturday night got me hooked.)
  • I got surprised at my annual sorority brunch on Saturday with an award from the local alumnae chapter. They're so sweet. Especially since I was at the president's house on Friday night helping her get ready, and she struggled to keep me from seeing evidence of it.



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