Monday, January 23, 2006


Normally bruises are black and blue, but this one—it’s orange and blue.

I wasn’t prepared for this blow.   After the Broncos beat the Patriots I tried to be superstitious, but I started remembering their two Super Bowl wins.  I began to believe that this year was going to bring number three.

I almost had to kill my roommate's girlfriend yesterday because with about 5 minutes left to play, she yelled upstairs, "Angie, I don't think your team is going to win."  Yes, please go ahead and rub salt in the wound.

The game ended and all I could think was, “It wasn’t supposed to end this way.  We weren’t supposed to lose at home.  Our season wasn’t meant to end this way!”

Dragging myself out of the fetal position I had assumed on the couch, I slunk upstairs—determined to start the first step of healing: denial.  

The rest of Sunday passed by as I lay on my bed in a haze of books and my favorite Christmas gift.  

Today I saw a glimpse of the second step of healing: hope.  This morning a coworker sighed, “Maybe next year…” I replied in the affirmative.  

But I’m not completely out of the first stage yet:  football?  What is this thing you call football? ;-)



At 11:54 AM, Blogger Miss Daisy said...

Ang, give me a break,....There is zero way any team wins with Jake the Mistake as their quarterback. I assumed that Denver had a soft team and, golly, I was right. And no, the Broncos and their ugly uniforms (they've always been ugly, the Orange Crush colored unis were no better than these ugly numbers) will not win the AFC next year unless the ghosts of Jim Brown and Joe Montana decide that they want to play in Colorado. And like you guys have anything to complain about, Denver was supposed to be atrocious this year, instead they went 13-3. It could be worse. And, personally, I and many NFL aficionados would be elated if Denver never wins another game because of the dirty tactics that they've employed for the last 15 or so years. The Alex Gibbs style cut blocking which the NFL in its ignorance hasn't made illegal yet doesn't please the karma gods. You should only be able to cut block face up, otherwise you're just aiming to try to break opposing players legs. It's dirty and low and Denver would've never won either of those 2 Super Bowls without that strategy which in many people's minds puts asterisks next to those wins. So, yeah, I can't imagine too many folks feeling bad about the Broncos losing. A dirty team with a seedy history. (I maintain that Elway should have been forced to play for the team that drafted him and not be a petulant child and force a trade. Elway shoulda been a Colt.)

At 12:49 AM, Blogger ColeTrain said...

Superman??? You gotta be kidding me... Clark Kent was a dirty no good ruska sic sucomsin [sic] pinko commie!

Hopefully someone will get you Batman Begins for your birthday.

At 7:49 AM, Blogger Miss Daisy said...

I love that article, Coletrain. It inherently proves that not enough oxygen is reaching your brain.

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Lauren said...

Right on... I sat sadly wearing my Broncos jersey and nursing my broken heart while the people around me moved on. Then again, we've got Shanahan, so there's hope for next year.


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