Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Closing the diary

Freshmen year we kissed in our darkened hallway, but when we tried to talk about it, I misunderstood him and we went back to being friends only.

Sophomore year I got scared when a friend told me he'd said I was "the kind of girl he pictured himself marrying" and I avoided him--for a year. He gave me very loving and thoughtful Christmas gifts and I wrote him a thank you note for being my friend.

Junior year he was my rebound from PJ and after he left romantic songs on my voicemail and brought me flowers, I pushed him away.

Senior year we finally started dating until he thought I told him I didn't want to be his girlfriend.

Post-college we were best friends--best friends who spent half an hour a day on the phone, shared lots of sexual innuedo, and traveled to visit each other. But after he visited me, he went back to dating other women--meeting Kathy not long after.

T is giving her the ring on Sunday.

Suprisingly my congratulations were heartfelt. The question of "what might've been" will always remain, but it seems clear that he has made the right choice in the end.



At 5:02 PM, Anonymous Jennifer said...

I hope you are as okay with this as you sound. I imagine it must be very hard.



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