Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday thirteen: Engineering is a laugh a minute

  1. The funniest geeky thing I've seen in ages:
  2. One of my friends sent this to me today--I used to have a copy of it on my college hard drive. I hadn't thought of it in ages.
  3. And I made my mom laugh with this one a few weeks ago.
  4. You know what finally dawned on me yesterday morning? My male colleagues can't wear shorts to work, but I can wear skirts and dresses! There are a few advantages of professional dress codes for women!
  5. Not only can we wear skirts or dresses, but most of the time we are viewed as dressing more professionally when we do.
  6. This might seem like an obvious fact of life, but the combination of the hot and dry weather right now and that this office is the first I've worked in where I didn't have to dress like an eskimo in the summer, is finally allowing me to enjoy my non-pants wardrobe!
  7. One of my coworkers just stopped by and mentioned that he is going biking after work. He was telling us that he can be on his bike by 5:45 and bike for nearly 3 hours before the light gets bad. And all I was thinking was how he has a baby that is less than six months old that he probably doesn't see at all on days that he bikes after work.
  8. Somehow I don't think that's what our other coworker who was involved in the conversation was thinking of.
  9. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already. Are you sure we didn't lose a day?
  10. I had to send a letter overnight to meet a deadline tomorrow. I always somewhat marvel at overnight mail services. That is a lot of processing and organizing to do overnight.
  11. Imagine living in the era when mail had to travel on horseback, or even was limited to trucks rather than airplanes. Crazy.
  12. It is amazing how happy being able to cook, particularly with fresh vegetables out of a garden makes me.
  13. Gotta go so I can stop by said garden to get more!

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At 11:39 PM, Anonymous Retired Syd said...

Wow, # 7 is so interesting. . .and I can so identify with you on dinner with your OWN produce!

At 10:45 AM, Blogger Laura said...

I hear you on the skirts. My office has horrible air flow, which means its the first office ever that I've actually wanted to wear skirts. It's great!

At 1:01 PM, Blogger Cerulean Bill said...

Relative to 10 -- ever wonder what happened to the guy who said that the FedEx plan would never work?


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