Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Vacation Edition

Thirteen things I'm thinking about as I get ready to leave on vacation tonight:
1. Where is my bathing suit? Still missing after I've looked everywhere for it.
2. Don't forget to put more business cards in my purse or carry on.
3. I know business cards seem like a weird thing to bring on vacation, but this is one of those multi-purpose trips--some vacation, some kind-of work.
4. You should see the suitcase I'm bringing--wrestling onto my bathroom scale to check whether it needed a diet last night after midnight was tons of fun.
5. I probably should have put in some kind of gift bag for my cousin's graduation gift.
6. Did I mention I'm also seeing my cousin graduate from college?
7. After the frantic preparation for this trip in the last 24 hours, I need some time at the beach!
8. Oh wait, I'll probably get some. :)
9. Have you ever had a coworker tell you that he felt sorry for you because your vacation isn't as cool as his?
10. Well, he is going kayaking in Alaska, so I guess it is okay. :)
11. Stealing the organizational prowess of my friend BLB, I've got a folder and two manilla envelopes going with me.
12. Think I'll do the busy work in one of the manilla envelopes instead of buying a trashy magazine for the plane? ;-)
13. I always bring too much stuff to fill my non-existent down time for trips.

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