Friday, August 27, 2004

My tie to the Olympics

Two years ago I had just become the chair of the advisory team for the sorority chapter I advise. I was at the sorority house one night when the house director, also the membership adviser, came out of her room. She told me she'd just gotten a phone call from an alumna looking to volunteer for recruitment. This woman was a stay-at-home mom and looking to get some "grown up" time. She volunteered to help all three days of recruitment. When I finally met Arian, I discovered how great she was. Since then she has become the finance adviser and now she is a woman I'm proud to call sister.

Fast forward to Wednesday, Arian sends out an email generously volunteering to host a chapter budget meeting at her house, and just adds a couple lines to the end:
Be sure to watch NBC during primetime tonight--they'll be showing men's volleyball. Kevin is #14. Go USA!!
That's right--Arian's husband Kevin is in Athens right now playing on the US Olympic Team. I've met Kevin--he's a quiet but sweet guy and a great dad. Watching Olympic coverage is so much cooler when you know one of the competitors!

P.S. Word on the street is US Men's Volleyball will be on tonight in the first 2 hours of primetime. Tune in b/c now you know #14 too! Go USA!!
P.P.S. I've changed the above post-script b/c I realized that I was being spoilery. Darn tape delays. Watch for the US in a medal match on Sunday! (We're now spoiler free.)



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