Thursday, August 12, 2004

Theme parties

I was barely eight years old. The cart was slowly lowered into the dark Snow White mine--Seven Dwarfs Ltd., Proprietors. I switched on my flashlight and began to search for gold nuggets. What's that noise? It's eight-year-olds giggling--they're also searching for gold spray-painted rocks, baked in salt dough. The mine--my family room with all of the windows blacked out. After we had all found our gold and pounded off the salt dough to expose the gold nuggets, we settled up with the mine's accountant--my mom. She weighed our gold and then gave us each a nickel. Then we went outside to pan for gold--plastic rings with jewel dropped into a water-filled wheelbarrow. We loved it mining for gold so much that we kept begging my mom to rehide the "gold nuggets" we'd altready found so we could try again. It was a great party!

Soon it will be my princess party--guests wearing tiaras while having a champagne toast and going to see the Princess Diaries 2 together. Last night my mom gave a bunch of accessories for my princess party including:

  • Two tiaras--one normal and one that is meant to go over a ponytail
  • A copy of the Princess Diaries to watch beforehand
  • A magnet that says "Don't question the princess"
  • A zodiac handbag to match my princess outfit

Can you see where I get my love for theme parties?


At 9:30 PM, Blogger Angie said...

Today I'm the top result on for princess diaries theme party. :)


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