Wednesday, September 01, 2004

My channel is not clear

My dislike for Clear Channel Communications began years ago when I read this series of articles on I hated the idea that we were losing local voices, and that our musical playlists were being determined by who would pay the most. When I moved to Colorado Springs, I specifically chose my primary radio station because it was not a Clear Channel station. I'm not going to claim to be perfect--I just bought concert tickets that may well have supported Clear Channel--but I try to use my resources (money and time) to support businesses and causes that I agree with or believe in.

I got a call last week from Arbitron--the people who figure out radio station ratings. They're sending me a journal and I get to help them determine the ratings! I'm so excited! I haven't gotten my packet yet, so I don't know the rules, but I've started practicing skipping the three programmed stations on my car radio that are Clear Channel-owned. I'm not sure if this is dishonest--slightly modifying my listening habits to make my survey have the results that I want--but it is all the statement I can make in this particular case.

If you want another perspective on this, see below:

shaken, not stirred: "Will Clear Channel miss J's $45 dollars, my $45 dollars? 'No, he said, 'But the club around the corner is going to appreciate the $45 bucks I spent there at the bar with my friends listening to an unknown local band.' I agreed.
So in the end the choice is ours. We can't fight everything on our own, but we can easily choose to not support what we don't believe in. "


At 1:25 PM, Blogger Angie said...

On Wednesday I got a postcard in the mail from Arbitron. They are not able to include my household at this time. And I'm supposed to be nice to their operator the next time they call?


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