Thursday, October 07, 2004


After reading Fish's post this morning, I put out a plea for a gmail invite. Fish herself sent me one! I love the idea of being a member of the club, but I'm still on the fence. Witness my inner dialogue:
Pro: practically unlimited storage. Considering I'm using 8.1/10 Mgs @, this would be nice.
Pro: searchability function sounds awesome.
Pro: Google text ads are incredibly superior to the annoying banner and click-thru ads I deal with now.
Con: There's been a lot of press about privacy concerns with gmail. Reading the info from Google about it has made it seem like a lot of hype about nothing, but I'm still a little wary. Any personal experiences to share with me?
Con: I don't know what user name to choose. With this much storage, a gmail account could be with me forever. Angineer? Angie? ALastname? Lastname might hopefully change in next few years, so that seems like a bad plan. Too bad I didn't think about that before I set up my alumni alias. Oh well. Any other ideas?

So far the pros have it...



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