Saturday, November 20, 2004


“Everyone gets touched by someone they love.” – Life As A House

There was lots of touching going on tonight. I went to my first strip club ever. I’m still buzzed. Considering I drove myself home, that probably isn’t a good statement to make. But I even stopped on the way and took digital pictures of a site I’ve been working on. It was an interesting evening.

My first set of social plans for the evening was all girls—I’m hopeless, I know. But I’m looking to make more friends here, even if they are female, so I joined some girls for dinner and the new Bridget Jones movie. Dinner was good—a bonding experience for me and my coworker Brandy—and the movie was fun. I won’t claim it is great cinema, but it still had the fun feel of the first and there were lots of great girly moments. Some cringing for her too, but that’s to be expected and makes it kind of real.

Then I called J and headed to meet her at the strip club like I promised. Ack. I walked in and was immediately drawn into her drunken drama. It gave me something to focus on until the alcohol took the edge off of the awkwardness and the worry about where to look. Soon J’s psycho friend ordered us all shots and between that and the Long Island I was feeling a little dizzy and a lot more relaxed. Then came J’s first dance. Destiny was cool—even retrieving the key for the handcuffs.

During J’s second dance I’m making mental notes about what Destiny is doing and trying not to look like I’m paying too much attention when she turns to me. Leaning towards me, she grabs the stick of my Blow-Pop out of my mouth, shows the lollipop to J who laughs, and then puts it back in my mouth. As long as she’s directly facing one of us, there is life in her eyes. It is only what she isn’t looking at us that you can tell she’s working.

J and D have developed quite an affection for Destiny—they also watched her dance on one of the side stages and sat on the edge of the main stage for her act after J’s second dance. After that, they’re ready to head home and we all get out of there.

Reid asked when I talked to him earlier this week why I was going to a strip club. I didn’t really answer him. Because T wanted a lap dance and I didn’t know what to do. Because J and D were going and they wanted me to come. Because I’m curious. I still don’t know.

"Teen virginity is no longer the obsession it was in the 80s." – Retrosexual: Teen Sex on VH1


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