Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Shortly after S and I broke up, I stopped by his suite to drop off a few things of his. When I got there, C was there. Nothing unusual about that--they were best friends and study buddies--but something gave me the impression they were more than friends and the sorority grapevine soon confirmed my suspicions.

Don't get me wrong. My relationship with S was brief and I wasn't hurt by his relationship with C. It never occurred to me that something inappropriate might've happened between them during our relationship and to me, like most of my sorority sisters, their relationship seemed like an inevitable and natural conclusion.

About a year later, C announced that she and S were getting married. At this point, I was genuinely happy for her and enjoyed telling this story--it seemed like a great anecdote to tell friends. Something that continued until the next time I heard from S.

Coming soon... revelations from S.



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