Wednesday, November 10, 2004


My phone rang one night, a little over two years since I graduated from college and the night when I had last seen S and C. I was shocked to find S on the other end of the line--living with a friend while waiting for his divorce from C to become final.

After that first call, the calls gradually became more frequent. I continued to learn more about their marriage, divorce and the demise of my long-ago relationship with him. As we developed this new friendship, he found out that she had married again--less than six months after their divorce was finalized. A few months after her marriage, he flew back to allow their baby to be adopted by her new husband, generously relinquishing his parental rights so his son could have a normal childhood and not be shuttled from state to state for holidays and visits. And I learned that the end of my relationship with S had been hastened by C making inappropriate overatures and propositions.

While all of this explained his state of mind, little of it affected me--until a call from S about a month ago. "I heard C's moved to Colorado--your town, I think." When court documents arrived a couple weeks later, he called with her address--less than 3 miles from my home.

Despite the way their divorce had hurt S, and his allegations that she had interfered inappropriately in our relationship, I still had fond memories of the gestures she made to me as a sorority sister. I wanted to see her and to share the sorority sisterhood with her once again, so I wrote her a letter.

Coming soon... her response.



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