Friday, December 03, 2004

New! Once-Upon-A-Time Contest!!

Re-Engineered Fairy Tales

Fairy tales, legends, and nursery rhymes are popular reading and part of our heritage. But how would some well known stories be different if engineers --who design, build, and manufacture just about everything --were involved? Image if...The three little pigs had known something about structures and materials ...Cinderella worked in a “smart” house with the latest technology and automation...Hansel and Gretel had the global positioning system for their walk in the woods...Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother had a home security system, or...if the Pat-a-Cake Baker had a bread machine.

So...once upon a time there was this engineer......

Send in your re-engineered fairy tale by January 1, 2005. We’d like to start publishing them online in January, with the “Best of the Best” grand prize winner debuting during Engineers Week in February.


Contest rules:

1. No rules --just write!

2. Submit by January 1, 2005:

by email to
regular mail (on disk or hard copy) to Engineers Week Headquarters, 1420 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
or fax, 703-836-4875
3. No stories will be published without permission, so include your name, address, and speedy contact information (email or phone).

4. Contest is open to everyone.



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