Tuesday, November 23, 2004

What do you say?

What do you say when:
  • one of your coworkers tells you that she cried all morning because she delivered divorce papers to her husband last night? She tries to convince you should both wear Santa-type outfits to the company Christmas party?
  • one of your friends surprises you by compromising when you didn't expect her to?
  • your best friend tells you that her beloved grandfather, your surrogate grandfather, is in intensive care?
  • one of your good friends casually reveals he is gay? And that you can't tell one of your good friends--his sister?
  • you find out that a best friend's parents--adults who have been Girl Scout leaders and career mentors to you--have separated under ugly circumstances? And you spend a few minutes talking to her mom on the phone about it?
  • you realize your little brother has grown up to be an amazing and caring human being?



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