Friday, August 13, 2004

Casual Fridays

Last night I got home at 11:15 after a sorority dinner and spending some time with my dad. I needed to put my laundry in the dryer so I would have jeans to wear today. Dad's response to this comment, "You don't need to wear jeans tomorrow. You should always be dressed a little nicer so you'll be noticed--wear khakis." I don't think he understands that I do need to wear jeans. I feel more like myself in my jeans than I do in any of the other outfits I wear or own. My life may have changed in the last three years, but my instincts haven't--I wish I could still wear jeans with t-shirts/sweaters everyday. Sure, there are days (like Wednesday) when I enjoy being noticed for wearing a pretty outfit, or when I get a charge out of feeling like a professional in a suit, but I would be happy getting up every morning and dressing like I did in college.

Luckily yawning is an acceptable accessory for jeans. I didn't actually put my laundry in the dryer after I got home until 11:50--I was watching THS--so they weren't done until 12:35. I went and picked them up shortly after, but stayed up laying on the couch watching the end of Regarding Henry until 2am. On commercial breaks, I was watching someone sell jewelry--did you know that YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) is a better diamond substitute than cubic zirconia?--and music videos on Insomnia Music Theater. Even when I'm exhausted, going to bed is something I have difficulty doing. Why do I do this?



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