Tuesday, September 07, 2004

My 3 day weekend by the numbers

45: minutes left work early to drive to Denver on Friday afternoon
4: envelopes decorated to hold memories for my uncle's party
30: memories shared with uncle
1: business card received from uncle's mortgage broker to further encourage me to buy property
18: pictures taken on new digital camera
2: Nora Roberts "Key" books finished by Sunday night
10: hours slept on Saturday morning
3: hours spent in Mom's bed with Mom and sister on Saturday afternoon
12: of Mom's rings worn by me and sister in her attempt to look like a pimp
4: of us saw Paparazzi on Saturday night
7:30 am: time I left Denver on Sunday morning in Mom's minivan
8:45 am: time I left Colorado Springs on Sunday morning
3: hours I spent in CU sorority house
1.5: hours I spent napping after afternoon in Boulder
20: minutes late to Sunday night sorority meeting (because of above napping)
9: hours I spent sleeping on Monday morning
4: hours I spent watching movies on Monday afternoon
3: hours I spent at sorority house on Monday night
3: advisers at Monday night sorority meeting
6: approximate number of phone calls I missed or ignored over weekend
2: approximate number of phone calls I picked up over weekend
1: hour I will spend driving up to Denver tonight to return minivan after borrowing it on Sunday



At 5:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for picking up my phone call. I like the rarified company.



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