Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thirteen things I enjoyed last Thursday

In the tradition of the Thursday Thirteen, I'm documenting the things
I enjoyed about going back to my old town last Thursday...

1. Being greeted by parachute jumpers as I drove into town.
2. Seeing even more people I knew than I expected.
3. Tasty desserts.
4. Sharing those desserts with my good friend R.
5. Catching up with former coworkers I haven't seen in years.
6. Seeing an old coworker's kids - wow, they have grown so much!
7. Discovering I can still navigate my way around town.
8. Remembering a fun dinner with my former roommate.
9. Feeling so good it seemed like a Saturday.
10. Getting the dirt on R's newest boy toy.
11. Not getting a parking ticket this time.
12. Blowing off another committment so I could stay longer.
13. Calling another old friend on the way home.

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