Saturday, June 28, 2008

Put down

My mom just called me. She and my dad are coming back from his secretary's wedding and she wanted to let me know the details for the family reunion tomorrow. Of course that isn't the only subject she brought up.

"It was a beautiful wedding," she says. "I have so much stuff to show you from the wedding."

"Really?" I ask passively.

"Beautiful but costly. Luckily the bride and groom are well-to-do so they can afford the money they poured into it."

And there it is... just a few sentences and I feel inferior to a girl I don't even like. Oh, I just can't wait for the hour-long drive to the reunion tomorrow.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Returning from vacation... a Thursday Thirteen

1. I always joke that I wonder if vacations are worth the work before you can go and to catch up when you get back.
2. Obviously a joke... they are so worth it.
3. And you know you've had a good vacation when you can barely remember your job.
4. Unfortunately that made Monday that much harder.
5. I finally managed to get back into the swing of things in time for today's two deadlines.
6. Thank goodness.
7. Driving back tonight after my meetings, I was reminded that I miss where I used to live.
8. I miss my friends who live there. Although I did get to see one tonight!
9. I also miss the mountains.
10. Thank goodness getting there is on the list of things to do this summer.
11. Yes, there is a list of things to do this summer.
12. Speaking of... I should probably start cracking on the list.
13. How did it get to be almost July already?

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Vacation Edition

Thirteen things I'm thinking about as I get ready to leave on vacation tonight:
1. Where is my bathing suit? Still missing after I've looked everywhere for it.
2. Don't forget to put more business cards in my purse or carry on.
3. I know business cards seem like a weird thing to bring on vacation, but this is one of those multi-purpose trips--some vacation, some kind-of work.
4. You should see the suitcase I'm bringing--wrestling onto my bathroom scale to check whether it needed a diet last night after midnight was tons of fun.
5. I probably should have put in some kind of gift bag for my cousin's graduation gift.
6. Did I mention I'm also seeing my cousin graduate from college?
7. After the frantic preparation for this trip in the last 24 hours, I need some time at the beach!
8. Oh wait, I'll probably get some. :)
9. Have you ever had a coworker tell you that he felt sorry for you because your vacation isn't as cool as his?
10. Well, he is going kayaking in Alaska, so I guess it is okay. :)
11. Stealing the organizational prowess of my friend BLB, I've got a folder and two manilla envelopes going with me.
12. Think I'll do the busy work in one of the manilla envelopes instead of buying a trashy magazine for the plane? ;-)
13. I always bring too much stuff to fill my non-existent down time for trips.

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